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Mrs M Raikes


Ollaberry Primary School,
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
(01595) 807270

Our School Rug


We collected old t-shirts from pupils, members of staff and parents and Mrs Odie cut the bottoms (below the arms) into strips and rolled them into balls ready for weaving. The top bits were kept for another project.

Using a peg loom we have been taking turns to add to the rug and encouraged other members of the school community and visitors to our school to be a part of the project too.

All ready to go!

Watch it grow!


The finished rug:

Who's helped to make our rug?

Name Position in our school community
Anna Pupil
Jayde Pupil
Ben Pupil
Chloe Pupil
Sebastian Pupil
Aaron Pupil
Sam Pupil
Iain Pupil
Andrew Pupil
Aimee Pupil
Bowen Pupil
Blayne Pupil
Isla Pupil
Julia Odie ASN Auxiliary
Debbie Sterling ASN Auxiliary
Kate Hopper

Music Teacher

Abby Former Pupil
Jean Ramsay ASN Teacher
Rena Nicolson Cleaner in Charge
Janette Ruddick


Claire Nesfield HNC Student
Elaina Leach Parent
Genene Ramsay Secretary/ Parent
Adam Visiting Pre-school child
Alma Lewis Supply Art Teacher
Kirsteen Straine Piano Instructor
Marie Duncan Classroom Assistant
Josie Jamieson ASN Auxiliary
Jerry Ramsay Grandparent/ visiting Jarl Squad Member
Ian Nicolson Visiting Guizer Jarl
Lauren Williamson Visitor/ Former Classroom Assistant
Marianne Raikes Head Teacher
Kevin Tulloch ICT Technician
Joy French Visitor/ Surprise Book Reader, Book Week
Laurence Tulloch Visitor/ Storyteller
Hazel Cranie Visiting Head Teacher
Fiona Marshall Visiting Head Teacher
Melanie Chapman Parent
Laura Jamieson Visitor/ Surprise Book Reader, Book Week
Thea Jamieson Former Pupil
Lauren Visiting Pre-school child
Sheena Cook Teacher
Jan Bevington Visitor/ WWF Representative
Mr Panda Visitor/ WWF Representative
Sam Oliver School Cook
Benedict Raikes Former Pupil
Claire Balfour Visitor/ Tooth Fairy
Beryl Smith Visitor/ Eco Schools Assessor
Mary Lisk Visitor/ Eco Schools Assessor


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